"This is about democratising cinema."

Quoting ourscreen co-founder David Kapur - "The inspiration was to try and create a piece of digital technology that supported the great work being done in cinemas across the UK."

The Times

Quoting ourscreen co-founder Marc Allenby - "The aspiration is to be in as many cinemas as we can be. It's letting people choose what they want to watch, where they want to watch it."

The Telegraph

"The aim is to encourage more people to go to the cinema and experience films in the way they were meant to be seen."

The Guardian

"A crowdsourcing/social networking initiative that could blow cinema programming wide open."

Mark Kermode (BBC Radio 5 Live)

"Maybe [ourscreen's] the future?"

The Observer

"Northern Soul was planned to screen at a few selected venues, but a surge in demand fed by social media sites [ourscreen] has meant that it is now showing in 125 cinemas around the country, making it one of the widest-ever short-window feature film releases."

Screen Daily

Quoting Metrodome managing director Jezz Vernon - "[ourscreen] guarantees the exhibitor a profitable screening and takes away the concern and guesswork of audience appeal in a key site, which sometimes prevent a booking altogether. It’s a far more democratic approach to exhibition, but provides both parties with incremental revenue.”

Evening Standard

"This is democracy in action."


"You don't need to have your own MTV Cribs-style cinema room to get your favourite films back on the big screen."  


"Cinema fan? This genius website let’s you control what’s showing... Our new favourite movie platform."

Also nominated in the 2014 Stuff Gadget Awards for 'Best Web and Cloud Service

The Drum

Quoting ourscreen co-founder Ian Cartwright - "It’s hard to beat seeing a good film in all its glory on the big screen. We wanted to empower film fans and local communities to create and attend screenings at their local cinema."


"How many times have you thought to yourself, I wish I had seen that film in the cinema? We all know films are better when you watch them on the big screen."

What Hi-Fi?

"ourscreen will even let you show your own film provided it's BBFC certified."

London On The Inside

"Always wanted to watch your favourite movie on the big screen? ourscreen are making that dream come true."


"Usually the most choice you get when you head to the movies is sweet or salted popcorn. But [ourscreen] will now let you choose not only which movie theatre you're going to, but also gives you the option of naming the time and choosing your favourite flick."

Future Media Lab

"A very interesting development in the cinema world and one that we should keep our beady eyes on." 

The Hollywood News

"This is something that shows hope for the future of cinema."

The State of The Arts

"A fantastic organisation putting on films chosen exclusively by the people, so bringing local communities together."

Stephen Follows: Film Data and Education

"A UK leader in audience-created, on-demand cinema screenings."


"We really like this idea."